The irresistible rise of global anticapitalism



Here is a taster booklet, produced in the summer of 2001, entitled Notes From Everywhere which was distributed to get feedback from the Movement. Available here as text only.

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One No and Many Yeses - an introduction

Tomorrow Begins Today - the Zapatistas' perspective and declaration

Dreaming of a Reality Where The Past And Future Meet The Present - a story about the attempt to extend the practice developed in Zapatista communities to a global scale at the second encuentro in Spain

Together We Start a Struggle - impressions of Europe by the Brazilian Landless Peoples' Movement

Carnival of the Oppressed - twenty-two communities take part in this international day of action in Nigeria

The Anticipated First - first of two stories from the anti-WTO uprisings in Seattle

Not in Service: The Tale of Insurgent Taxi Drivers - the second story from N30

Insurrection Grows Like a Swelling Waterfall - a million Ecuadorian indigenous paralyze the country in January 2000

It’s Got To Be Silver and Pink - tactical frivolity used in actions against the IMF and World Bank meeting in Prague

A River Comes to Prague - a woman involved in the struggle against the Narmada Dam in India draws connections between her movement and movements everywhere

Anarchists Can Fly - an incredible leap of faith at the inauguration of George W. Bush

March on Merck - South Africans protest against the pharmaceutical giant

The Bridge at Midnight Trembles - through clouds of tear gas, an affinity group in Quebec declare the FTAA summit illegitimate

An April of Death - African students fighting World Bank policies

Genoa: Testimony of Terror - four views from Genoa.

The Low Road - a poem by Marge Piercy