The irresistible rise of global anticapitalism


 Together We Start a Struggle

Four hundred and fifty activists from Southern grassroots movements took part in the Intercontinental Caravan protest tour of Europe in the summer of 1999. Members of the Movimento Sem Terra (MST) - Landless Movement of Brazil, several hundred Indian farmers, and activists from Columbia, Mexico, Bangladesh, and other places came together with European activists to organise the caravan which culminated at the protests at the G8 summit in Cologne, Germany on June 18, 1999 as part of a global day of action. These are the words of the MST, the day after they took part in the protests in Cologne. The cry, “ICC Zindabad!” they end with is inspired by the rallying shout of the Indian farmers. It means “Long live the Intercontinental Caravan!”


We saw nice cities, big buildings, luxury cars, architecture, the history and the richness. It seemed that people talked about bad things, in between all the nice things. We did not see the people laughing, we did not see any happiness. We saw, astonishingly, that a lot of people were nearly dead. They were in prison of their own bodies without any life, addicted by television and radio, doped by the beat of the mystique of consumption, cheap and expensive drugs. Doped by indifference and disillusion.

So - we saw people in the middle of these wonderful things, but empty, without any humanity. That is what appeared to us, this continent, which is presented to us as the cradle of civilisation.

Now this continent is a grave, a cave, a cemetery, the consequence of the human race. Here we have learned, we have understood, that in between all the bad things, there is resistance, which attacks the order: when houses are occupied, when war is condemned, when the persecution of migrants is condemned. Against globalisation, whose soul is called capitalism, we have learned that we are a lot of minorities, that we are in resistance, that we will not be bowed.

We, people from different continents, who are together in the caravan , we started a struggle. We started to understand that capital has no borders. Therefore we have to start an uprising of the people all over the continents. There has to be continuity, to demand for respect of life, for human rights and the environment and for nature. ICC Zindabad!